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on dry land



The idea was to launch a small audiovisual collection dedicated to the Portuguese oral tradition and that manages to move and unite us in these times when, unfortunately, against our nature, we cannot meet to share and create.

We chose 5 traditional songs and invited 5 composers to give them a new life. For each song, guides were recorded by professional musicians and dancers, which contain voices, melodic instruments (wind and fretted or pulsed strings), harmonic instruments (pulsed strings and keys), percussion or dance.

These guides, as well as the score, were made available to those who signed up to participate. Each participant makes a careful assimilation of their part and, following some technical and aesthetic guidelines created so that the whole is harmonious, they later sent a video of their performance to Projecto Cardo. Each song had parts with different degrees of difficulty and were carefully distributed with the participants so that everyone felt comfortable and confident.

A music video was then created for each song, which includes the contents shared by the participants and which, after being added together, created a collective artistic object, made from a distance and by people who probably never met.

The invitation was extended to anyone, without excluding anyone: music lovers, lovers of dance and movement, professional and amateur musicians/dancers, grandparents, parents and grandchildren, Portuguese or foreign, residing inside or outside Portugal._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Diversity will be the beauty of this project.



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