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“Búzios em Terra Seca” is the new artistic proposal created by Projecto Cardo in response to the circumstances we are currently experiencing and which, like the entire artistic community, brought us a deep reflection on what other places artistic creation could occupy, how it could reach to the population and in what ways it could continue to be created safely.

Thus, within the scope of the Emergency Support Line for the Arts made available by the Ministry of Culture, the idea arose to start an audiovisual project that would explore the artistic and aesthetic choices of the Cardo Project in a new format, taking advantage of the scope of video creation via the internet and social networks. Our option was not to try to replace the experience of a concert or a live show (which, in time, will once again occupy its place in our lives), but rather to offer an alternative that makes real use of audiovisual means_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_and that bring something new, useful and enjoyable to the population.

Continuing, then, with the work around the Portuguese musical tradition, awareness, education and communication with the population, we have for you the beginning of two new audiovisual collections that intend to be, more than a means of dissemination, the final artistic object.

The first collection, "Aprender com os Búzios", dedicated to children between 3 and 10 years old, presents you  traditional Portuguese musical repertoire suitable for the little ones, with suggestions for exploration and creation at home or at school, with the help of teachers or guardians. With organized and clear musical contents, outlined through the characteristics of each selected song, they awaken curiosity, sensitivity and creativity to the sound world and with which  we live daily without realizing it: our body, our voice, space, objects, textures, colors and even smells. Leaving the common places of audiovisual materials dedicated to children, we offer sound and visual stimuli of great diversity, through contact with reality in a creative, fun and awake way. Attached to each video is a detailed written explanation of all the contents of the video, the score of the song and a series of suggestions to support the realization of our proposals.

The second collection, "Orquestra dos Búzios", comprises a selection of traditional Portuguese melodies, delivered, for now, to 5 different composers: Daniela Leite Castro, Filipe Raposo, Quiné Teles, Rita Maria and Xurxo Varela. Each arrangement is premised on the possibility of including a wide range  of instruments and people with different musical knowledge. The community will be invited to participate (assuming with enthusiasm that we can have people of any age and from any part of the world), learning their part (through a score or an audiovisual record), filming it if you sing, play or dance e  finally, sending us your contribution. The first video will be published in November!


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