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Choirs of Gaia



adinu concert

Ode to diversity and spirituality

This concert coordinated and directed by Projecto Cardo and presented at GTM 2017 at Convento Corpus Christi, led the audience to listen to melodies from different religions and cultural contexts, in a way of bowing to cultural diversity, nature and humanity, elements that we hope that someday they can coexist in perfect harmony. Religious music from the 17th century, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, traditional music, worshiping Gods and Nature; spirituality, humanity, diversity.

It featured the participation of the ancient music ensemble O Bando de Surunyo directed by Hugo Sanches and four amateur choirs from the riverside area of Gaia – Coro da Cruz Vermelha created specifically for these concerts and directed by Cristina Repas Gonçalves; Choir of the Monastery of Serra do Pilar, responsible for the music of religious celebrations in the same place, directed by Vasco Silva; Convento Corpus Christi Choir, dedicated to classical repertoire, directed by Lígia Costa; Coro Cardo, dedicated to traditional Portuguese music, directed by Carmina and Cristina Repas Gonçalves. 

It was a moment of reflection, celebration and unity for the public, for the participants and for the world.

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