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Traditional Music School

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Considering it fundamental that the Portuguese population knows its own culture, Cardo-Amarelo intends to concentrate on recontextualizing and recovering the repertoire of oral tradition, always with the concern of maintaining its essence and exposing its origin. Through technical and artistic improvement and a good offer of regular classes and other pedagogical actions, it aims to promote contact between different generations, fostering a taste for making music and directing its students and participants to more frequent musical practice and, in turn, family preferably.

Cardo-Amarelo – Escola de Música Tradicional, created in 2015, works regularly on Rua dos Bragas, in a healthy partnership with NEFUP, Núcleo de Etnografia e Folclore of the University of Porto with the following classes: percussion (Tiago Manuel Soares), harmonica bellows (Antony Fernandes), traditional dances (Daniela Leite Castro and Luís Monteiro) and Coro Cardo (directed by Carmina Repas Gonçalves).

In addition to the work carried out regularly with the school's students, Cardo-Amarelo works out of doors, making contact with the population and promoting the exchange of knowledge, through workshops or small training sessions, and participating in projects that are challenging and which it deems worthy of can offer something new.

In this context, it has already collaborated with some municipalities in projects involving vocal music and rural or urban communities that, for some reason, lack musical and social activity. Examples of this are the collaborations with “Há Festa na Aldeia”, through which six choirs were created in small villages included in the “Aldeias de Portugal” network and the two Choirs of Gaia inserted in the project of the International Forum Gaia Todo um Mundo.

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