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The work that we present in this edition was built with great care and dedication from all those who participated in it. It includes old and recent repertoire of the classes involved, which we decided to organize around the annual calendar and record in different spaces, seeking to recreate the environments of its realization in the tradition itself.
In line with this audio recording work, with choir, percussion, bagpipes and accordion, videos were made with the choreographies constructed and performed by the traditional dance class.
We hope that this journey through the Portuguese year – in its colors, sounds, uses and customs – pleases, entertains and inspires you.

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choristersAdosinda Pereira, Andreia Rocha, Cristina Repas Gonçalves, Daniel Marques, Filipe Serra Carlos, Lídia Bom, Lucinda Santos, Luís Carolino, Margarida Ferreira da Silva, Mariana Simões, Marina Pinto, Marisa Martins, Paula Ferreira, Paula Soares, Pedro Santos, Ricardo Goncalves, Sara Rocha

DanceAdosinda Pereira, Aida da Silva, Alcino Gomes, Alzira Barros,
António Ramalho, Joana Lopes, Lidia Bom, Paula Soares, Susana Soares

BagpipesAntónio Queirós, Antony Fernandes, Cecília Adriana Vieira, João Roque Correia, Napoleão Ribeiro, Nuno Dias, Raquel Moreira

PercussionAna Trabulo, António Ramalho, Beatriz Filhó, Joana Lopes, João Lousada, Susana Soares, Tiago Manuel Soares, Veronique La Mer

concertinaDalila Monteiro, David Ferreira, Joao Martins, Pedro Viana, Raquel Moreira, Rui Leal

choral directionCarmina Repas Gonçalves

Choreographies byJoana Lopes

Arrangements for percussionTiago Manuel Soares
arrangements for accordionJoao Martins
Arrangements for bagpipesAntony Fernandes

Sound capture and editingDaniel SantosRicardo Torres
Photo and video captureAbel Andrade

Graphic Design and Web DesignRaquel Peixoto

proofreadingLídia Bom 

ProductionThistle Project
In partnership with the Traditional Music School of Ponte Velha

Artistic DirectionCarmina Repas Gonçalves

teachers responsibleAntony Fernandes, Carmina Repas Gonçalves, Joana Lopes, João Martins, Tiago Manuel Soares

Audio recorded at the Church of São José das Taipas, at Quinta do Mosteiro de Landim and at the Municipal Library of Santo Tirso
Videos recorded at Mafa Mood.

Ponte Velha Music School, Quinta do Mosteiro de Landim, Irmandade das Almas de São José das Taipas, Municipality of Santo Tirso and Mafa Mood

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