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There's a Party in the Village

Há Festa na Aldeia is a rural development project promoted by ATA - Associação de Turismo de Aldeia, in partnership with Local Development Associations.
It bases its strategy on the theory of change, a process that proposes the dynamization of places through its inhabitants, going against the tendency of disembodied tourism promotion of its people, local associations and municipalities.
The work developed specifically by Projecto Cardo with Há Festa na Aldeia in 2015, 2016 and 2018 in the villages of Areja, Burgo, Couce, Porto Carvoeiro, Ul and Vilarinho de São Roque, focused on the vocal repertoire, with the aim of in about 5 rehearsals, a concert performed by the population of each village, in which local songs and traditional Portuguese songs were sung with new arrangements and in a serious but uncompromising way.  

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